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Open - Zombie girls by Carnivvorous
Open - Zombie girls
Edit Lowered price because I just want to get rid of these gfhgfgh

To make up for my inactivity I'm posting these two gals from a few months back. 
They're unfinished and I thought I'd get back to them but I never did BUT SINCE IT'S HALLOWEEN TIME HAYY HAVE SOME ZOMBIES

So very tempted to keep the second one... Or both. DANG IT NUMBA 2 IS MINE NOW

:bulletpink: 1. 100:points: 



Base - LinoleumItalics
Designs - me me meme

edit: forgot watermark
eh w/e 
(CLOSED) Halloweeny batch 1 by Carnivvorous
(CLOSED) Halloweeny batch 1

EDIT//2: I'm giving this 30 more minutes!

(currently 22:20 UTC+1) After that I'm not going to accept any more offers.

Doing this because I didn't keep track of time earlier and because I don't want to be unfair to anyone OTL Once again, thank you to everyone who offered! u//_//u

EDIT: Ends in about 7 hours!

I want to thank everyone who's offered, I really appreciate it! It means so much to me, and with this I'm almost already at my goal! I'm thinking of doing a halloween-y themed DTA/WTA or giveaway, which would you prefer?

I'm posting these three early because I'm saving up for Axentwear headphones and they're launching their kickstarter in less than a week and considering I'll be away for a week I'm kinda running out of time OTL

Offer to adopt, points/paypal offers only!   Minimum offer is 150:points: / 1,5USD I'm really sorry if that's too expensive gahh Paypal is preferred because points take a while to convert but either is a-okay! 

:bulletpurple: 1. amanda1ee :heart:

:bulletred: 2. SpuddyZombie :heart: 

:bulletorange: 3. LavvytheJackalope :heart:

My extensive adopt rules… (read before buying if you're new to my adopts)
In short:
:bulletorange: You may change anything about the character once it's yours! 
:bulletblack: Don't resell. Ask me about trading first.
:bulletorange: Give credit when you use it and please show me when you do!

:bulletblack: If you want  to you can offer a combination of points and money! (e.g. 200 points + 1$)
Reply to the respective "Offer here for.." comments. If you're offering higher than someone else you can reply to their comment!

Lovely base by OniPonii
Art+designs by myself!
OC doodles by Carnivvorous
OC doodles
So I was gonna go to bed but then I started doodling and then I realized I never really draw ponies for myself so I decided to draw a few of the ponies I got recently! 
Except Bonnie, she's there because I needed to fill space.
I love her. :XD:

I was gonna add descriptions but I need to go to bed so I'll do it tomorrow.

In order left-right top-bottom

1. Bonnie! Adopted from Miss-Kimberly-Rose :heart:
2. Adopted from Miss-Kimberly-Rose :love:
3. Adopted from Miss-Kimberly-Rose :heart:
4. Adopted from DuckieShoes :love:
5. Adopted from guylashes :D

Original designs belong to their respective owners, art and characters belong to myself!

Edit: Tmw when I'm so used to posting only adopts on here that I accidentally categorized it as adoptables :facepalm:
CLOSED - Two ponies by Carnivvorous
CLOSED - Two ponies
fsuhhaudhS I'm so tiredd
I wanted to make a batch of adopts before bed, as a break from the Halloweeny ones but I couldn't get these two to look right for the longest time so I cut one out. Too tired to do it OTL

:bulletyellow: 1. - Luciferific - 100:points: /1USD
:bulletyellow: 2. - PockyPika - 100:points: /1USD

My extensive adopt rules… (read before buying if you're new to my adopts)
In short:
Bullet; Yellow You may change anything about the character once it's yours!
Bullet; Yellow Don't resell. Ask me about trading first.
Bullet; Yellow Give credit once you use it and please show me when you do!
Base > OniPonii
Art, designs > Carnivvorous

Do not repost or use in any way. 
Working on a batch of Halloween ponies!
Not sure how big I wanna make it, but so far I have three! :D

If there's a theme anyone would like to see/have me do, feel free to throw in suggestions! <3

Edit: I'm doing it early because I'm not sure if I'll be able to come online during actual Halloween. :P

Edit2: Here's a WIP! Suggestions would be lovely~ So far the only on that's 100% finished is the third one! I'm really unhappy with how the fourth one looks right now.. Hm. 
Gwezhwe by Carnivvorous


Carnivvorous's Profile Picture
ID picture (and design) made by the talented and lovely Miss-Kimberly-Rose!

My icons!
Icon Commission for LicoRices by Miss-Kimberly-Rose Icon Commission for LicoRices by Miss-Kimberly-Rose [Commission] Carnivvorous by Miss-Kimberly-Rose [Commission] WrongCog by Miss-Kimberly-Rose Made by Sergle by Carnivvorous :Little pony pixel icon: by Carnivvorous

Friends and lovely people! :heart:

:heart: :iconmiss-kimberly-rose: :heart: :iconfoxylover96: :heart: :iconwrongcog: :heart: :iconkiithebanshee: :heart: :iconshotachii: :heart: :iconwindaura: :heart:

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